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Thursday, October 25, 2007

La fiesta de blanco trasho

About a month ago my officemates Julie and Ryan threw a white-trash party. It was super badass because it was the same night as the Georgia vs. Alabama game when Georgia WHOOPED SOME ASS!! (go dawgs!) So, obviously, my knee-jerk reaction to white trash was to dress up at Britney Spears (ok, the media really needs to give that girl a break and just leave her the hell alone but that's another story for another day....she is trashy, though, and you gotta respect that). "Britney Spears, Britney Spears," I thought. "Hmmm...obviously I'll have to be pregnant. And slutty looking. What else though?!" Then I had a flash back to Lindsey Lohan. "Crack!" The rest is best told through pictures....

The doo-rag, crack stashed in my pregnant belly, and the long-ass star earrings--all Britney. The OD, all me. Notice that you can't see my press-on nails in this picture because a lot of them had already fallen off.

This is me, posing with my disney-character placemat prize. I got it for being the best pregnant lady at the white trash fiesta! You can see my press-ons a little better.

The lovely hosts of the fiesta.

Me and Hayden, the other pregnant chick. She stopped at a gas station on her way to the party dressed like that and the guy behind the counter was VERY concerned about her buying a 40.

Me and My dream boat. He won air freshners for having the best raccon penis bone (scientifically known as a bacculum) at the party. Can you see my fake, glittery eye-lashes??

Me and Julie. We were drinkin boxed wine and we got BOXED.


  • At October 26, 2007 at 3:05 PM , Blogger jelena said...

    quality. except you didn't post the resume. and i think that deserves posting.

    thank you for posting. i'm sure kristi appreciates as well.

    my lovely little southern belle from hell. good job. good job.


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