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Thursday, October 18, 2007

My baby is a WOMAN-DOG!

Last night, I was innocently watching "Bring it All or Nothing," a sequal to "Bring it on," (look, I totally dig watchin dance movies even if they're TERRIBLE. Where do you think I get the bulk of my moves?). Anyway, so I was watching the movie with June. And she was doin her thing where she chews on her bone, walks all over the couch, looks out the window, chews on her bone, demands attention, chews on her bone, sits and stares at me, etc etc. That's when I noticed little red blotches all over the couch. My first thought was, "She's starting her period!!!" So I looked at her coo-coo and it didn't really seem different or have other forms of evidence. But when I wiped it with a paper towel, the evidence was obvious. My baby is in heat! That means one day she'll have puppies!! YAY!! She's a year and two months old today, so I was startin to think she wasn't gonna be able to have puppies. Anyway, just like any other female, she has been demonstrating typical pms behaviors. She's been kinda snotty, slightly demanding, eating a lot, having weird poops, and on occasion......she's been kinda bitchy. Check the picture out below where she's "playing" with Duffy (my friend Julie's dog):

Total pms, right???
This is her a few weeks ago, prior to the UGA vs. Ole Miss game. We've got our game faces on.


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