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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Unemployed, unattached, and unstoppable!

So I'm officially unemployed. But I've still got a couple of paychecks comin my way (thank goodness!). It's weird. I've had a lot of responsibilities and had to remember so many things and haven't had a day off of work since January (except weekends). And now it's like the eye of a hurricane. Nada. Just chill. And my final girl left today (I dropped little Tess off at the airport earlier).

I just got over-run with Jelena's puppies. So adorable.

Anyway, so tomorrow I'm headin down to ol' Florida. That's right. Gonna go get MY puppy (well, mine and James's). Little Miss Junebug's gonna accompany me along the trail. Plans have changed but aren't firm yet. We are gonna start in Georgia now instead of Maine. That's all I know. I'm so excited bout seein little Junebug. I fell for her last time she was here.

Sooooo.....funny stories about yours truly:

We had prom a month or so ago. It was great. All the girls from Rock Eagle came over to our house to get ready. A few of them had never worn makeup before so needed help. I even helped make Kara's hair look terrible. Don't worry, Kara fixed it. Anyway, to make a long story almost short, I was running behind on gettin ready. I had on a wife-beater and shorts and had just gotten the curlers in my hair. June was visiting at the time while James was in Athens. Low and behold, someone opened the door and she went running out. So I went out the door too. I stood on the front porch and called her. She stopped running across the yard and just stared at me. So I called her again. Nothing. Finally, as loud as I could, I yelled "JUNE, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" I got a funny feeling, turned around, and noticed ALL of the boys on the porch of the house next to us staring at me in my pjs and with my hair in curlers yellin at the dog. Yeah, it was my redneck moment. Once again let me reiterate the fact that I didn't get any on prom night.....

The other day my lovely girls decided to surprise me with a special dinner. I was sitting at the kitchen table messin with the cd player when I noticed all of them huddled around the sink. Just as I started to get suspicious, they all turned around, water guns in hand and started soaking me. I started laughing really had, lifted up my shirt and yelled "I got my bathin suit on bitches!!" They looked at me kind of confused. Apparently I had changed earlier and had forgotten. Yep, I showed them all my bra. And they liked it.


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