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Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm not suppose to judge people...

but I judge smokers....for the following reasons:

1. It smells bad
2. It's gross
3. Doing so increases the chances of littering by 90% (a statistic I randomly made up but will stand by)
4. It smells bad
5. Some smokers who abide by the "no smoking in restaurants" law choose to smoke RIGHT IN FRONT OF the entrance. Good thinkin.
6. The nasty smell travels long distances and grabs a hold of anything it can (kind of like the Chupacabra)
7. Ex-smokers will attest to the fact that cigarettes really do smell terrible.
8. It's actually not cool.
9. Oh, it causes cancer (for smokers and innocent standbyers alike). Just a minor detail.
10. Air pollution is not something our planet is lacking.
11. Firing up a piece of paper that is filled with toxins, poisons, oh and a little tobacco and inhaling the smoke just seems stupid.
12. Half of one of those SOBs leaves me hackin and gaggin and feelin all woozy. I just ain't cut out for that shit.

The end. I hope I didn't alienate anyone. If you smoke, you should quit. It's not good for you.


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