Georgia Girl

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hungover and pondering

Just to let you know...when I typed the title for this blog I accidentally wrote "overhung and pondering" at first.

So, uh, yeah. Anyway.

I went to a shin-dig last night at Rebecca's boyfriends house last night. Drank too much. My last time for a while. After Rebecca dropped me off at my house this mornin, I mulled over the Sunday paper. I cracked open the "Roman Life" section (social pages), and checked out this years flock of debutantes. You figure they can double those lily-white dresses for their weddings?

Figure it might save them a little pocket change is all.

Last Saturday I went to another party. This was one of another fashion (i.e. last's night firefighters party in the country vs. Bob's birthday bash in hot-lanta). It was a pretty good time--Jelena had a nice diversity of folks show up and had some excellent food (I'm gonna need that salsa recipe from you there missy). I know some of her friends pretty well. None of them were there. So I did get to know some of her other friends a little better. There I was, floating around the party, meetin new folks, having intriguing half-drunk conversations, bein a social butterfly. If you go to a party and you're single but pretty much everybody there is in a couple, I think you should get extra points for bein so friendly without bein slutty. Damn straight, I'm classy. So there I was sittin the porch swing, drinkin a budlight and up walk a couple of guys. I'd been talkin to everybody so I figured I should talk to them too. One guy had on a UNC shirt so I asked him about it:

Me: So, UNC huh?
UNC Guy: Yeah, I finished up my last 2 years there.
Me: Cool, cool. What'd you study.
UNC Guy: Philosophy.
Me(OH, one of THOSE guys....that explains a lot) : Oh. Interesting. I took a philosophy class my freshman year. I didn't get it.
UNC Guy (obviously impressed): Blah blah blah....I don't remember this part of the conversation
Girl next to us: A philosophy major, huh? Who'd you read?
UNC Guy: Blah, blah, blah, and blah. Oh, and Kont.

5 seconds go by

Me (unable to control myself any longer): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
UNC Guy: What, are you 12?

Yup, I'm cut out for high places.

I got tired that night. I'd been social for 5 hours. That takes a lot out of me when it comes to strangers at a big party. Actually, strangers are easier to talk to coz they're strangers and you don't know anything about them. Anyway, at midnight I decided my party pants were gonna come off, so in the middle of Jelena's lovely fiesta I took a shower and put myself to bed.

High places. That's me.

Leavin for the trail soon. Not sure about details. I think it's gonna be a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Boss mentioned that the ol' blog is gonna suffer. It's the truth. I'd strap a laptop and a really really long extension cord to me but I don't feel like it. Like I tell all my beaus, you'll hear from me when I'm want you to. Ok, I don't have any beaus but that's still pretty badass, right?

Kiddin, guys. I hope everybody has a great summer. Don't drink and drive!