Georgia Girl

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Some people like porn, I like grocery stores

I love grocery shopping. The thing is, it has to be done on my terms: little to no crowding in the store, a list has to be prepared beforehand, and no one can accompany me if it's to be as pleasurable as possible. I'm pretty efficient when it comes to most things in life. However, I take my time at the grocery store. I think about things for a long time before they find their way into my cart. I re-read my list, mark things off, and fantasize about having a big kitchen and making all sorts of delicious meals. If there's a crowd or, heaven forbid, somebody with me I don't get to fantasize. I have to explain my thoughts to a tag-a-long. I don't like explaining my thoughts (only my feelings). I don't like revealing my OCD-ness to people who I'll see again. I like to be weird, and damnit, I don't want anyone to know how weird I am. So I blog about it on the world wide web. Good thinking. The thing is, I'm always seeing lovey-dovey couples in the grocery store or on tv in the grocery store, and I feel like that's suppose to be an adventure I should want to share with James. It's not James's fault either--he's about as easy going as I could ask for. But I'd rather go by myself than point which direction I want him to push the cart. Or explain why I'm staring at all the different juice choices for 10 minutes (it's hard to find 100% juice that's not loaded down with sugar and costs less than $5). Maybe one day I'll mellow out. If you ever see me in the store with kids you'll know that I'm either a changed woman, or drunk as hell.