Georgia Girl

Friday, November 2, 2007

PC is BS

So there's what I would call a serial rapist on the prowl here in Athens (woo hoo!!). Maybe you've heard about it? It's been on the national news. The deal is this guy goes downtown on the busy nights (Thursday-Saturday), and offers to give girls a ride home. Two or three drunk girls who did not deserve to be assaulted but acted in a highly-ignorant way were either raped or almost raped. The guy has even become bold enough that he watched a group of girls go into their apartment and then he went and knocked on their door and tried to sweet talk his way in. It's a little creepy, but if you're smart about what you do, hopefully things should work out good for all us women. The point of this blog is not to really to talk about the rapist as much as it is to discuss either the police department or the newspaper (I'm not sure who's guilty). The first girls were attacked back in the beginning of September. Last week (the end of October), a sketch was FINALLY released of the dude. A sketch?? WTF. But I think the cherry that tops the cake is that I have yet to read what race this guy is. No, no, the newspaper reported that the man was wearing a black dress shirt, black pants, and black shoes. But what color is the guys SKIN? From the pencil-sketch, he could be just about ANYTHING. Don't you think skin color is important if you're trying to catch somebody??! Why haven't they reported if he's a white guy or a black guy or a hispanic or etc etc etc? Are the drunk girls just too drunk to remember? Or is political correctness stopping the paper from printing an accurate description?

I'm just completely fed up with minorities calling the race card when it comes to any sort of controversy. The NAACP sucks balls--they're making themselves, and thus their fellow black citizens look ridiculous. They said the charges against Mike Vick were made because he's black. Well guess what? He did it. And not because he's black. But because that's what he wanted to do for whatever reason. Jesse Jackson is a silly man who's mad and wants to pin his anger on someone. Instead, he's adding fuel to the racial-tension fire. Mike Vick could have been my white cousin, and I would have had the exact same feelings bout him killing a dog with his bare hands as I did when I read the news. The people who I know dislike or disapprove of public figures based on that person's attitude/values, not that person's skin shade. I will admit that there are plenty of racist people out there, but not all white people and not all black people are racist. So I think we, as adult Americans, should stop pointing fingers and start accepting responsibility.